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Subsonic Chair

Bone-shaking audio might not be much of a draw for the over 30 crowd, but for teenagers — well, that’s a market unto itself. Isn’t it all too common to be stopped beside a car blasting beats so powerful, it rattles the windows of your car? Loud music — especially the bass range — is like a rite of passage for the younger generation, and though the car audio market is ample, music-loving gamers have mostly been limited to vibrating controls and a few oversized speakers. For the teens at home who still want that booming system, the Subsonic Chair is a luxury electronic that lets them listen to music and play games while basically perched on a subwoofer.


The canadian designer, Greg Ball, constructed the Subsonic Chair with a very young (and decibel tolerant) demographic in mind. Fusing his dual interests in car audio and furniture, he created a bass-heavy chair that incorporates two 16” subwoofers and two four-inch mid-range speakers into its frame. The subwoofers are so voluminous that they form most of the chair, acting as its base, and a reclining backrest houses the mid-ranges. A combined 1,000 watts generate enough power to supposedly make every note felt. Ball said when he initially came up with the idea, he wanted the chair to “feel like sitting on a rocket.”
Gamers should be fond of this because the bass notes get them closer to the action, and music-lovers, too, can feel the low-end of their favorite songs. We can’t attest to its comfort but if the promises are true, Ball has brought serious car audio into the home. Parents take note: you might want to make a grocery run when these are in use.



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