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Valkirye Trimara

Valkyrie-Trimaran-Yacht-concept-by-Chulhun-Park_21Well, here is something amazing for yacht lovers to see. It is a Trimaran yacht concept named ‘Valkyrie’ that has been conceived as a thesis project of Chulhun Park supported by Palmer Johnson at Royal College of Art London. It is not just any other yacht design but a futuristic floating entertainment hub that mesmerizes you elegantly with stunning features.
The yacht offers swift speed accompanied by features like space-richness and absolute comfort at disposal. It is roughly 230 meters long floating beauty which has extreme stability that you can bet upon. Luxury inclusions of this yacht comprises of bars, an exhibition hall, spa, casino, club, theater, and a restaurant. Honestly, a yacht owner cannot ask for more on this huge floating architecture. It’s just like having your own private world on water. It challenges the usual mono hull design and brings to limelight a Trimaran hull which lessens the drag while cruising at high speeds. The design also promises a considerable increase of 25-30% in exterior and interior areas of the yacht. This is just a concept at this point in time, but we are pretty sure that some filthy rich blokes like Roman Abramovich will commission it to expand their fleet.




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